About the project

Our ship has been providing over 30 years of service to the community. Commissioned on 5 April 1987, she has been actively providing opportunities for all levels in the community, with approx 10,000 students that have experienced her unique youth development programs to date.

Each Youth Development Voyage is an opportunity for 24 youth between the ages of 15 - 19 will experience a challenging and rewarding 5 day voyage. The aim is to bring together these youth that come individual locations and back grounds, that will have the opportunity to forge new friendships, team work, learn life skills and be challenged at their own boundaries. All social media and personal devices will take a break from their daily lives, so that each person will learn that the skills of looking, listening, and communicating to their fellow adventurer. This will become very important in the survival and teamwork needed to get the ship moving and respecting “Mother Nature” at work on the high seas.

These sailing voyages are about youth that need a confidence boost, "some growing up", needing some direction in life, have an opportunity to join as individual but become part of a team, or the chance to sail on our state's tall ship - the STV One and All.

Donations will support 5 day voyage, all meals on board and activities, event shirt, award certificate, and team photo at end of the voyage. Award presentations will be on deck of the ship after each voyage to celebrate the completion and achievement of each youth that has sailed this unique experience. 

Nomination of youth will be open to youth in both metropolitan and regional locations of South Australia. We are looking for a true mix to youth so there is the rewarding experience of meeting many from different backgrounds.


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