About the project

The Geelong Cats have been a critical part of the greater Geelong community for 160 years. We strive for success both on and off the field and are always looking to make a positive difference in the community that surrounds us.

We are embarking on a momentous historical occasion, with the commencement of the inaugural Cats AFLW team.

This team will represent more than just the football club, but the greater Geelong region, with the hope of inspiring young women to pursue their dreams.

We want to support our women by creating an environment consisting of specialised facilities and infrastructure, create programs and development opportunities for both our athletes and staff to excel both on and off the field, increase participation and encourage women to take leading roles within the sporting industry.

You have the opportunity to drive positive social change as we pave the way for AFLW and women in sport by donating towards the Cats womens program.

Our Ambition

To have the best program in the AFLW competition.

Our Commitment

The Geelong Cats are committed to developing a strong pathway for women by investing $1.3m annually for future generations to come.

Your gift will support the following areas:

  • Specialised High Performance Equipment & Facilities
  • Player Development Programs
  • Coaches and Football Staff Development Programs
  • Talent Identification Programs
  • Sports Science Initiatives

Through the Club's fundraising partnership with the Sports Foundation, donations for our AFLW team are tax deductible. Please show your support by donating today!


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  • Tracey Shaw

    I'll never get tired of seeing women representing the Geelong Cats on the footy field. Hopefully there's a long, successful future ahead.

  • Jackie Nemtsas

    You girls are great and really looking forward to supporting you in the hoops.

  • Grace Thomas

    All the best for the fundraise and for the upcoming season.

  • Barry Baker

    Success is only achievable from what you put into every aspect of your daily training physically and mentally.

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