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About the project

The German Table Tennis Club commenced in 1958. The Woodville District Table Tennis Club, established as one of the first Table Tennis clubs in South Australia, has been at its current premises since 1960.

The Master Plan which documents the vision of both Clubs aims to create a new multicultural community facility. It will support German culture promotion, cater for table tennis players and spectator needs and will be a new facility for social use by the local community. There are numerous health benefits and in particular table tennis is a sport that has no age limit. The three components of the Master Plan are:

Project 1 - Modernise Clubrooms to create a Multicultural Community Facility (Critical Short Term)

This involves provision of a bistro facility with commercial kitchen, bar and dining room. It is to be built by repurposing the northern annex of the existing building.

Project 2 – Upgrade Playing Area (Medium Term)

The playing floor covering needs to be able to meet Australian standards to ensure maximum use of its 12-table capacity. A specialised playing surface is needed. Seating for veteran players is also included in this project.

Project 3 – Master Plan Car Parking Expansion (Long Term Aspiration)

There is a plan to park motor vehicles off street.

There is a great opportunity to invest in this existing Charles Sturt Council asset to develop the site and create an environment which provides tangible sporting benefits and social benefits to the communities of both Woodville and the Adelaide Metropolitan Region.

Total cost of the whole Master Plan implementation is $694,795 plus GST over several years however the critical short-term request for donations is $10,000.You can help by donating through the Australian Sports Foundation and receive a tax deduction today!

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