About the project

The Glebe Dirty Reds are Australian rugby league’s first-ever club formed on January 9th, 1908. The club was received in 2017 after an 87 year absence, We now play in the Ron Massey Cup as a feeder team for the Newtown Jets. We are a dedicated community club committed to increasing grassroots participation, both at junior level (boys and girls) and senior level.

The club returned to its spiritual home of Wentworth Park in 2018 for a pre-season trial, but would like to play more games at the venue in 2019. To do so, we need funds to pay for rugby league goalposts and a new scoreboard (the venue only has soccer posts and a scoreboard capable of recording greyhound times!). 

All donations received for the Glebe Dirty Reds Return to Wentworth Park fund will enable the purchase and installation of these much-needed items. These items will remain the property of the club.

The Australian Sports Foundation structure provides transparency and reliability to ensure donors have confidence that their donations are allocated for their intended purpose and directly support the nominated project/s.

Donations are fully tax deductible and each donation will play a vital role in ensuring the club can return to Wentworth Park - the birthplace of Australian Rugby League.

  • Clint J

    Good work returning to a traditional ground. Rugby League and Sydney's history are inseparable as a story of us.

  • Daryl Slater

    Helping the mighty Dirty Reds come home!

  • Karsten Brumme

    Good Luck

  • Stuart McLennan

    Great club with a wonderful philosophy of bringing the club back for the community

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