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The re-established former A-League club Gold Coast United (GCU) is the top tier football entity at the Gold Coast, being the only entity at the Gold Coast licensed by FQ and FFA to run National Premier League programs for men, women, boys and girls.

Gold Coast United are a former A-League club which has been brought back into the QLD NPL as a grass roots community driven organisation representing the entire Gold Coast.

It is Gold Coast United’s mission to provide an open, inclusive club with the highest levels of governance, best coaching programs and lowest fees for the NPL in Australia.

By having an independent board and an open structure we encourage greater participation in the sport and the FFA pathways - from business and from all members of the football ecosystem.

Gold Coast United:

  • Ensure that all players with appropriate desire and abilities have access to football pathways regardless of their financial status.
  • Operates successful senior teams, promoting and leveraging the status of the National Premier League football to attract and retain significant sponsorship for GC United which helps fund the development of the youth players.
  • Maintains exceptional levels of professionalism and governance for the greater good of football and facilitating the participation of all stakeholders at the Gold Coast.
  • Educates grass roots coaches around the Gold Coast.
  • Assists grass roots clubs with governance structures.
  • Works with schools around the Gold Coast to educate school coaches and assist in creation and management of football programs for the schools.

GCU aims to become the major provider of players to state and national programs.

Gold Coast United FC is a not for profit community club that aims to raise funds to support the development of the club’s players and coaches through various initiatives such as:

• purchase of equipment, including goals and football technology,

• player development, including, high performance, leadership and welfare,

• facilities, including training and administration, and

• elite pathway programs.

Gold Coast United wish to provide an option for families that love football to be in an environment where every child’s potential is realised by ensuring their children learn from a highly qualified coach and where every player is provided with the same opportunity to advance their football skills.

This year we are seeking tax deductible donations to cover coaching costs for our athletes:

  • $405 will cover one SAP U9/10 girls coaching costs for the year
  • $1,255 will cover one SAP U9/12 boys & U11/12 girls coaching costs for the year
  • $1,650 will cover one NPL boys & girls U18s coaching costs for the year
  • $2,455 will cover one NPL boys & girls, U13 to U16 coaching costs for the year

Please make a tax-deductible donation today to support Gold Coast United FC, facilities and professional coaching!

  • susan elliott

    Archie Kassarate

  • Craig Robinson

    Go GCU!

  • Craig Robinson

    Go GCU!

  • John Kells

    This donation is for Dylan kells under 10 boys

  • Andrew Bell

    Aircond installations and small electrical installations to support kids sport and being outdoors.

  • Chris Durkin

    For Mareille Durkin U13 Girls NPLW GO GCU!!

  • Zara Boyd

    Crusaders Futsal Club would like to wish Gold Coast United players and staff all the best for the 2020 season.

  • Leo Langone

    This donation is for Luca Langone in support for GCU 10's Sap team.

  • Sebastian Sanchez-Vallejo

    'SEBA' U-11 SAP BOYS 2020

  • Zak Boyd

    Crusaders Futsal Club would like to wish the players and staff a prosperous 2020.

  • Aimee Hennephof

    Go United!! Theo S U10 fees

  • Sarah Young

    Absolutely 100% back this awesone initiative to get young up and coming super stars on the pitch doing what they love with passion and creating memories to last a lifetime

  • Beatrix Nilsen

    Beatrix Nilsen

  • Jeff Dakin

    Have a great and wonderful 2020 NPL Girls U15.

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