About the project

Golf Australia is the National Sporting Organisation overseeing the future of golf in Australia.

Our goal is to raise the level of interest and participation in the game from grassroots golfers through to the elite levels, spectators, volunteers and associated industry bodies. Key responsibilities incorporate managing national tournaments and championships including the Australian Opens as well as rules and handicapping. Working in a commercial and inclusive manner with government, business and community, Golf Australia ensures the value of golf is understood and supported in all policy and business decisions.

Golf is a game for life where participation contributes to a healthy Australian community.

Funds raised through the ‘Game For Life’ Project will be used to support the following areas:

  • Increasing participation and improving access to golf for groups such as children and women and promoting participation opportunities for all ages and skill levels;
  • Building a sustainable Junior Golf framework by providing clear pathways for junior golfers to improve their skills, enjoy their participation and advance their game; and
  • Developing the next generation of elite players in successful professional golfers to create role models to inspire participation amongst future generations.


  • Edward Harley

    Best of luck to all concerned..

  • Mark C

    Please donate this money to a Golf Australia program. Thanks.

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