About the project

The Australian Golf Foundation is committed to developing sporting and leadership pathways for women and girls in golf. We support development programs for girls and women looking to pursue golf as a career, be it as a player, coach, administrator or in management.

Our women’s sporting and education programs focus on themes relevant to young females today – leadership, resilience, goal setting, independence, gender equality, inclusion and empowerment.

Through Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 Project, the Australian Golf Foundation is providing pathway opportunities both on and off the course, preparing women and girls to be the best they can be in their chosen field and creating the next generation of leaders.

Australian Golf Foundation Junior Girls Scholarship Program

Aligned to Golf Australia’s strategic plan for women and girls through Vision 2025, the Australian Golf Foundation Junior Girls Scholarship Program is designed to foster a deep love of golf by creating a strong bond between girls (aged 10-16) and their MyGolf Centre.

Encouraging and supporting MyGolf participants to continue their golfing journey beyond MyGolf (ages 5-12) and to obtain a handicap, this program will in turn help to reduce drop-out rates of teenage girls in golf.

While the program’s primary aim is to retain girls, girls new to golf may also be engaged in this program should they demonstrate a commitment to learning the sport.

Under the tutelage of a PGA professional, along with the support of club members, scholarship holders will have the opportunity to:

·      Advance their skills through ongoing coaching

·      Obtain a handicap

·      Play in club competitions

·      Form lifelong golfing friendships with other girls and members.

While many girls will continue to enjoy golf as a club member for life, through this program there may be an opportunity to develop and identify future high-performance athletes or teaching professionals.

Female professional numbers have continued to decrease in past years and it is important that we continue to provide opportunities for young girls to see golf as a viable career path, whether as a player or a PGA professional.

The Australian Golf Foundation welcomes like minded partners to participate in our ever expanding women and girls programs.

Through our fundraising partnership with the Sports Foundation, donations to this stream of the Australian Golf Foundation are tax deductible. So please invest in the future of our female participants by donating today!


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