About the project

Currently GASA is looking to assist the SA Sharks State team set to compete in the Australian Gridiron League (AGL). The team has been training tirelessly since the new year in preparations to play the reigning National Champions Queensland in our opening game. The South Australian State team has had its program revitalised this year and as a result we have seen the strongest group of players and coaches for some time. The AGL tournament is a fly-in fly-out style and is purely funded by the players and coaches themselves ($1,000 per participant). As a result the Sharks need as much financial support as possible, for some this support will allow them to participate, without it, they may not be able to afford it. Any fundraising generated will directly assist our players in reducing their per-player fees. As a result we will be able to improve their skills and experience in American Football. This will translate to Sharks players taking this gained knowledge back to their local clubs and as a whole will improve our sport tenfold. Our sport features many player-coaches, and with experience gained through a national tournament all participants will get exposed to a level of competition above anything they would of previously experienced - this exposure will directly translate to direct improvements in GASA. Furthermore the exposure gained through state tournaments will go towards improvements future Australian World Cup campaigns - and there is always the chance that players may get scouted to play in the USA. We hope to build on our program year in year out, this is only the beginning. We look forward to any support we receive through the Australian Sports Foundation.


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