About the project

Gymnastics Australia is seeking funds the equivalent of $1 per member 12-and-under to help the sport remain a leader in the child safe sector.

The Child Safe Fund comes to support work started in early 2018 when the leaders of Gymnastics in Australia co-signed a commitment statement to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and empowerment of all children accessing accredited gymnastics programs and services, including indigenous children, those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and children and adults with disability.

This undertaking by the GA President, along with the President of every state and territory association, was mirrored by the Executive Directors across the sport in early 2019 and both highlighted that being a leading child safe organisation is about more than having the right policies and procedures in place.

Making Gymnastics in Australia a leader in child safety requires conscious action and proactive behaviours to protect children from harm. It means creating a culture of safety that extends from participation and education through to ensuring all members feel safe and secure in reporting inappropriate behaviour.

Funds are needed to continue this work and the development of:

  • further risk management tools
  • education and training
  • additional human and digital resources
  • an extended reporting framework across the sport
  • support the continued development and implementation of Gymnastics Australia's new Child Safe and Member Protection Policies

Funds will ensure GA can further assist children in affiliated clubs to enjoy their favourite sport in the safest possible environment and to show gymnastics as a leader in the development of child safe sport.

Through GA's fundraising partnership, donations to the Child Safe Fund are tax-deductible. So please show your support for this vital initiative by donating today!


  • Jamie Parsons

    Child safety is very important to gymnastics and I encourage all in the community to contribute to this important project

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