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This project is to raise funds to further upgrade the State Gymnastics Centre to accommodate the needs of the gymnastics community, provide athlete pathways within each Gymsport and to increase the participation of Gymnastics to the wider community.

To upgrade the facility with world class equipment will enable the delivery of the sport along the gymsports pathways. It will allow athletes access to a training environment on equipment used at national and international events and enable Gymnastics WA to run events for all levels of the Western Australian gymnastics community.

Gymnastics WA is commencing the project raising equipment funds for an Aerobic Gymnastics sprung floor.
Aerobic Gymnastics is the perfect sport for active people with energy to burn. It involves performing high intensity movement patterns to heart pounding music; that can be perform individually, in pairs and in groups. Aerobic Gymnastics has programs for all participants from foundation programs, school programs, national programs as well as a high Performance program.

An Aerobic Gymnastics floor is a specially designed floor that is required for the athletes to achieve at a state, national and international level of competition. These floors are recognised by the Federation of International Gymnastics as a requirement for events and for High Performance training.

Gymnastics WA does not currently have the funds to justify the purchase of such a floor. Despite this, WA’s legacy of talented athletes has seen our Aerobic Gymnastics Programs translate into excellence at National and International Competitions, including a clean sweep of medals in the international stream elite female category at Australian Championships in 2014.

The addition of an Aerobic Gymnastics floor within the State Gymnastics Centre will provide athletes;
• To have access to the correct daily training environment which will assist athletes to reach their maximum potential.
• Achieve podium finishes at bench mark world class events.
• Participation members will have ability to have opportunities to training and compete on the correct equipment and feel part of the wider Aerobic Gymnastics community.


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