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Give Every Kid A Go
The ‘Hookin2Hockey - Give Every Kid A Go’ campaign is aimed at reaching a bigger and broader group of Australian children and giving them the opportunity to experience the sport of hockey.  The ethos for Hookin2Hockey (Hin2H) is simple; Hin2H provides children with a fun, safe environment to fall in love with the game of hockey.

Sporting Pride
Beyond that, Hockey Australia is seeking to connect all Australian children with their sporting pride moment. We all know that sense of pride you feel when you have achieved your first successful pass, scoring the winning goal for your team, and even just running out onto the pitch with your team mates ready to take on the next challenge that is coming your way.

Hookin2Hockey provides children with the opportunity to experience their sporting pride, moments that last within that child’s memory long after they have put down their first Hin2H Kookaburra Sport hockey stick. 

The really exciting opportunity is, you never know, that child’s future sporting pride moment may just be as they take to turf at the Olympic Games and listen to their national anthem ring out through the crowd, a moment that you have helped create by contributing the Hin2H – Give Every Kid a Go campaign.

Safe and fun
The opportunity to engage in physical activity in a safe, fun environment is one that should be available to all Australian children regardless of location, financial situation, gender and ethnicity.  Hockey is a sport for all and as such Hockey Australia has implemented the – 'Hookin2Hockey- Give Every Kid A Go' campaign to ensure that this is the case.

Our Ambition
We aim to reach 90,000 children by 2020, to achieve this target Hockey Australia needs to provide support to our local Associations, Clubs, Schools and Volunteers to assist in the delivery and facilitation of the H2H program.  All donations of all denominations are welcome and this is an example of how your donation will help:
  • $40 pays for a participant pack, including stick, ball, shin pads, Hookin2Hockey singlet and stick bag
  • $85 pays for a child to try hockey in an 8 week Hookin2Hockey program
  • $250 pays for a Hookin2Hockey coach to mentor community volunteers
  • $300 buys a Hookin2Hockey school pack to be donated to a local community program, assisting in 30 disadvantaged children to take part in their first Hookin2Hockey clinic
*All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

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