About the project

The Horsham Golf Club Club was established in 1898, and has gone through many changes over the years but none like the devastating bushfires in 2009. 15,000 trees and shrubs were lost, the clubhouse, Pro Shop, machinery shed and equipment were completely destroyed and the course decimated. Since then, with the support of golf clubs from across Australia and the State Government, the committee has led staff, contractors and volunteers in rebuilding our beautiful facilities. As well as the “fire” the club has had to deal with a ten year drought, mice and locust plagues and the 2011 “one in 200 year” flood. These caused significant damage but were also dealt with effectively.

To take the course into the future we have adopted a course master plan, prepared by course architects Crafter and Mogford. While we will never see the narrow, tree lined fairways of the old course we will be able to enjoy a modern, top class golf course suited to both average and talented golfers. The new clubhouse opened in September 2013 and is a social focus for the Club and the wider community.

The future is very bright, but there are always further developments and improvements to be made at the club. Through the club’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, members and other supporters can make tax-deductible donations to the Horsham Golf Club Foundation; either generally here, or by selecting one of the club’s specific projects that need support.


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