About the project

The Horsham Golf Club is very fortunate to have an amazing course and clubhouse facility as part of a very strong local community. We have a substantial membership base that is continuing to show growth and has proven resilient in times of difficulty.

As a club, we are beginning to feel confident and excited about our future and are looking forward to the realisation and implementation of many projects, plans and structures that have been discussed in recent times.

As part of moving forward, we are looking at upgrading our computer systems and have already began this process but need your help to see it through to completion. We are looking for contributions from within our community to enable the club to fully implement this system, and have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation so that donations can be tax deductible.

We will be purchasing and installing updated Micropower hardware and operating systems, which will of benefit to staff, members and the broader community that use our facilities. Having a faster and more efficient computer system will improve and streamline the already enjoyable golfing experience.

We look forward to receiving your donations with enormous appreciation.


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