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Hurricanes Softball Club was created in 2014 to provide an additional development pathway and community club catered towards youth softball players in Belconnen and the wider Canberra community.

The Hurricanes Softball Club boasts a multitude of teams of budding softball players mostly aged 5 – 17, competing in a variety of local competitions organised by Softball ACT. The Hurricanes Softball Club mission is to promote to all its players to embrace life-long learning and development through its fostering of an environment centred around club cohesion and support.

The Hurricanes Softball Club achieves a valued-based community organisation that specifically seeks to support its junior members through targeted means. Incidental to the skills associated with the sport, the Club seeks to provide these future adults to understand & employ: tolerance, self-discipline, initiative, teamwork, and leadership. This is achieved by virtue of the Club’s collaborative leadership group; through its volunteer coaches and support staff an inclusive environment that encourages and develops positive social interaction among its youth. As part of this provided ‘safe’ environment, these children and young adults are provided the opportunity to develop in regards to their emotional intelligence, physical fitness, self-esteem and gender identity without fear of judgement.

Hurricanes is committed to providing players and their families with a Club that will not only support players’ current needs, but their future growth and development in softball and broader community. We have coordinated a group of volunteer supporters to further develop our vision. Key to our efforts is the continued identification and development of talent, among the players (teenaged) and their families. Through this, the Club further provides an increased, supportive and responsible network of coaches, mentors, scorers and managers that will contribute towards the continued development of its players’ esteem and confidence while also promoting positive values of gender, individually and as part of social interaction.

Many players have sought to challenge their personal development as part of representative opportunities (over 40% of its current players have represented the ACT in various school sports and national competitions). Further growth of the Club will enhance its ability to support all of its players in achieving their potential whether this remains at club level or at the highest representative opportunities available to the sport.

Hurricanes Club conduct is broader than just its players. Although it provides for sporting skills associated with the game, the environment contributes significantly towards a strong and socially committed community for its players as part of a physical/social outlet.

Families are additionally provided opportunities, and are supported to further their own development as either participants (adult social 7s teams), support staff (coaches, scorers, managers, etc) or as active spectators. Club players are enabled to better engage with their family-based environment. Our culture actively engages direct and associated components that provide an opportunity for increased positive social interaction.

The provision of new softball equipment will allow each youth team to be able to train cohesively with their own equipment rather than sharing one teams training equipment between six. Furthermore, new equipment will allow our youth teams to be able to practice their new skills with the correctly sized equipment for their age, height and skill. 

A donation of just $30 will buy a softball glove for a junior player to use. A donation of $50 will assist us to buy batting helmets for players. A donation of $3,000 will provide the Hurricane Softball Club with enough equipment to outfit our entire junior cohort for years to come. 

Please assist The Hurricanes Softball Club in providing our aspiring junior players with the new equipment they need. Who knows, you may be kitting out a future Olympic gold medallist!

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