About the project

Hurricanes Softball Club was created in 2014 to provide an additional development pathway and community club catered towards youth softball players in Belconnen and the wider Canberra community. 

The Hurricanes Softball Club boasts a multitude of teams of budding young softball players aged 5 – 17, competing in a variety of local summer competitions and tournaments organised by Softball ACT. The Hurricanes Softball Club mission is to enable all youth softball players to grow and develop, fostering an environment centred around club cohesion and support.

Hurricanes Softball Club prides themselves on respect, enthusiasm, professionalism and a strong commitment to providing a happy and well organised softball experience for all players and their families. Our club members are not hard to spot with their bright orange tops and light grey pants, turning heads everywhere they go whilst instilling a sense of pride every time they pull on a Hurricane Softball Club jersey. 

The Club also caters for senior graded teams as well as the popular Social 7s softball formats. Hurricanes Softball Club has become a vessel for individual players who are not registered with a club to come and try a social game of softball during the week. This has resulted in numerous new players who have not only fallen in love with Softball but have also made new friends within the Hurricanes Softball Club and the wider Softball ACT community with a few players picking up their first ever Softball trophy! 

The money raised through the Australian Sports Foundation will be utilised for the purchase of much needed competition and training equipment. The provision of new softball equipment will allow each youth team to be able to train cohesively with their own equipment rather than sharing one teams training equipment between six. Furthermore, new equipment will allow our youth teams to be able to practice their new skills with the correctly sized equipment for their age, height and skill. 

A donation of just $30 will buy a softball glove for a junior player to use. A donation of $50 will assist us to buy batting helmets for players. A donation of $3,000 will provide the Hurricane Softball Club with enough equipment to outfit our entire junior cohort for years to come. 

Please assist The Hurricane Softball Club in providing our aspiring junior players with the new equipment they need. Who knows, you may be kitting out a future Olympic gold medallist!


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