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The IAA (Iron Armour Academy) NZ Tour provides opportunities for young athletes to experience next level player development on and off the field. During the IAA NZ Tour 30 athletes (between ages of 13-18 years old) will travel to New Zealand for 2 weeks and play rugby union and rugby league against school squads. Our IAA team is selected not just based on talent or ability but most importantly attitude, commitment giving all athletes a chance to be part of the journey. The potential outcomes of the tour are:

  • To give young athletes the opportunity to experience the life of a professional sports person in a touring capacity
  • To equip our athletes with the tools to learn about servant hood, responsibility, independence and professionalism
  • To further player development by playing the best of the best
  • To give our athletes the edge by getting unique game time ahead of the season
  • To help keep our athletes focused on their goals and dreams

Our overall Academy program which includes the NZ Tour benefits sports as it encourages our young athletes to not just be the best on the field but also off the field. This encourages other young people to get involved in sports increasing participation rates. Our program aims to mould our athletes to be leaders and lead by example in their families, teams and communities. By providing elite training and development our program supports the various sporting codes of where our athletes come from which therefore improves the overall quality of competition for that particular code.


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    Iron Armour Academy: Please support us in developing our programs, facility and reach further. Your kind donation will help us to continue to make a difference to the lives of youth in our community. Thank you for your support.

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    Go well.

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    Good luck! And have lots of fun!

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