About the project

Following the Ivanhoe Park facilities upgrade in 2016, a modern (digital) scoreboard has been clearly identified as one of the key outstanding items to complete the modernisation & upgrade of the facilities.

Not only will the digital scoreboard keep players & spectators informed of ongoing game scores & time remaining, it will also allow for other communication relevant to spectators, players & officials. 

Note: The current manual facilities are totally inadequate and reflect poorly on the club, particularly after the facilities upgrade in 2016 & Ivanhoe Park is one of the few grounds in the district that does not have this type of  (digital) scoreboard.


  • Ian Callahan

    Please have "CALLAHAN FAMILY" printed on the brick / tile. Thank you.

  • Ian Callahan

    Please put, "Callahan Family" as the name on the brick, thank you.

  • paul rodgers

    Rodgers Family

  • Achilles Tsiavas

    Proud to be a part of such a great family club

  • Tony Mulcahy

    Donated on behalf of Mulcahy family

  • Andrew Smith

    Very much looking forward to the new digital scoreboard

  • Geoff Daniel

    Sam Daniel

  • Scott Moorhen

    Can you please make the brick from Moorhen Family


    We recently attended the Mum's day luncheon at the club. We were made to feel very welcome and were impressed with care and enthusiasm of all. :-)


    Rouch Family

  • Daniel Aicher

    Go Hoes!

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