About the project

Jamberoo Golf Club Ltd is a not for profit sporting organisation formed in 1981 with about 500 members, located in the village of Jamberoo, NSW within the Kiama municipality. Our mission is to provide opportunities for members and visitors to play both recreational and competition golf for their enjoyment and physical well-being. Our aim is to provide a safe, player-friendly golf course where the benefits of physical activity and friendly competition benefit the players and the community in general. We do not have a licensed club and raise funds by membership contributions and running weekly club golf competitions. Jamberoo Golf Club is a member of Golf Illawarra and Ladies Golf Illawarra and we have teams representing the club in their inter-club pennant competitions.
Many pathways throughout the course are eroded due to constant inundation during flood periods, restricting course usage particularly by aging and mobility restricted patrons and the club is seeking assistance in repairing and restoring the pathways back to a safe and presentable condition.


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