About the project

Kaygees is looking forward to getting back into the gym when restrictions are lifted ​- we miss seeing all of our gymnasts​' smiling faces as the​y find confidence, grow in character and develop not only gymnastics but life skills and strength. ​Our volunteer committee and amazing staff continue to work hard to maintain the fabulous standards Kaygees is known for in the community. We’re planning for our return by developing new and exciting training sessions. If you’re on Instagram, you will have seen that we’ve been posting at-home workouts including strength and skill training.

With programs suspended and tuition ​on hold we are experiencing the same financial pinch seen across the globe due to COVID-19. We continue to support our coaches thanks to the governments Job Keeper scheme that has allowed us to continue to pay their wages, in addition we have managed to secure a small government grant to cover some costs, and we have been able cut our outgoing expenses to an absolute minimum. 

All these measures mean that when we are able to get back to the gym,​ we will be ready to go, and we really can’t wait! 

Kaygees has been running as a not-for-profit club in the community for over 60 years​, and we intend to keep that going well into the future. ​To help us continue to cartwheel into the future, a small tax deductible donation through our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation would make a big difference in ensuring that we continue to be the strong club providing services to all in the community. The donation doesn’t have to be a lot, every little bit helps. 

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing your and your family in the gym again very soon.

  • Airlie Tudhope

    Immy did a "Jumping for Kaygee's" fundraiser with our family & friends. She misses jumping on the trampoline and seeing you all. Can't wait to be back! xx

  • Katherine Weatherhead

    Best wishes on your fundraising in these time. Love Katherine, Matt and Ruby

  • Edie Jean Feeley

    I love Kaygees and miss you! Love, Edie Jean

  • Shannon Monagle

    Go Kaygees!!

  • Alice Nash

    This is a donation for the beautiful club, Kaygees Gymnastics Club, which has made such a difference to the health and well being of my daughter.

  • Deborah Johnston

    Looking forward to being back in the gym - Lucy and Mady

  • Jacqueline Johnson

    We hope this helps you make it out the other side Kaygee’s - the girls miss their gymnastics

  • Jason Berman

    Harriet can't wait to cartwheel into the future on the actual Kaygees' mats. We hope this contribution helps to get her there.

  • Rhiana Spinoso

    Looking forward to seeing Kaygees cartwheeling many more years into the future!

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