About the project

The Kendal Binns Junior Foundation (formerly known as the Kendal Binns Cadet Foundation) was formally registered with the Australian Sports Foundation in 2014 and the foundation provides the option of tax deductibility for any members who donate.

Through the Foundation, young golfers will be given the necessary support to help them achieve their personal goals in golf whilst also helping them grow as fine young members of our Club. An important distinction to note is that the Foundation will support and grow individual players while the Pennant Hills Golf Club will continue to support representative teams, as it has for many years.


    Well done to all those who generously give their time!

  • Staffan Edstrom

    Keep the good work up! Thanks Staffan

  • Ron HARPER

    It is nice to know that Kendal's dreams are still at work. RON HARPER

  • Mark Bambagiotti

    Remember Penno Juniors - "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." Keep up the great work!



  • jeff Birtles

    Amber Chatswood sincerely wish all young golfers, the very best encouragement via this donation. We also offer all members of Pennant Hills Golf Club, a continual 15% discount on our full product range.

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