About the project

KBGC has many paths linking tee beds and fairways, including one major unsealed path on a reasonable slope. Many of the paths are deteriorating as a result of age and wear and tear, particularly in winter months and after periods of rain. The older surfaces on some paths become slippery in rain and frost, while others develop pot-holes and water-logged.

The Club is seeking to upgrade paths through a program of resurfacing with limestone gravel to increase lifespan and resilience during adverse weather. Some paths will also be raised. This will significantly improve safety, and also enhance course aesthetics and presentation year-round.

This project will put an end to:

  • the hard slog pushing a buggy on paths that are sodden, rutted and even; and
  • diverting from muddy paths, wearing new tracks through adjacent grass, further degrading and prolonging the recovery of the area. 

The project will benefit the club by making our course more attractive and player friendly, potentially attracting further membership, social and corporate rounds. It will significantly reduce the risks of slips, trips and falls on a number of the paths that are currently finished with recycled synthetic tennis court surface.

Please support this vital club project by making a tax deductible donation today!


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