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Kirstie is a 24 year old Australian Multi event champion and full time para athlete, with intellectual impairment, neurological impairment autism and the physical impairment cerebral palsy. She lives in regional Victoria and is strongly supported by her tight knit family.

Kirstie runs in two classifications T20 and T38 for both athletics and cross country. ​She has been selected to represent Australia in the INAS Global Games in Brisbane this October in her favourite event the 3000 metres. Kirstie is currently ranked the 2nd fastest in Australia in 3,000m as intellectual impaired athlete. She is a full minute under the qualifying time for this event. This is the largest sporting competition for elite athletes with an intellectual disability, autism and downs syndrome. It has 9 sports, 45 countries, 1000 athletes and showcases excellence, inclusion and sportsmanship. This is an incredible opportunity for Kirstie to participate at an elite, international level in her own country.

Living in regional Victoria means Kirstie relies on her family to transport her to all training and competitive events. On average this involves travelling over 1,000 kilometres a fortnight, with the closest athletics track for competition 85 km away. Over the past eight years, Kirstie's family has taken her to all regional, metro and interstate events she has participated in. Part of Kirstie's fundraising will go towards enabling her family to attend the Global Games along with Kirstie and continue their support for her and share her joy of competing.

Kirstie has an innate competitive nature and has had many challenges over the years, including physical, geographical and financial. Her determination and perseverance to improve herself as an elite competitor has been huge. When she first began her career she did not know she had cerebral palsy. This was discovered when she began training at an elite level where it became apparent that she had difficulties around flexibility and pain regarding extreme rigid muscles and hypertonia. She was unable to train the same as the other athletes in her squad. This has allowed her to be able to be dual classified in two different athletic classifications and also to be able to pursue different events in varied international competitions.

Kirstie's dream is to go to the Tokyo Paralympics as a 400m runner as well as the next CPISRA World Games in middle and long distances.

Some of Kirstie's recent achievements include 14 Australian Records last season in all her main events, 800, 1500 and 3,000m. Her 3,000m Record is a unofficial World Record in her class as cerebral palsy.

My recent achivements are:

3 X Australian 1500 Gold Medalist - 2016, 2017 & 2018

3 X National Australian medalist 800m - (Gold, Silver & Bronze)

3 X Australian Record Holder 1500m - T38 class

2 X Australian Record Holder 800m - T38 class

3 X Victorian Champion 1500m Ambulant - 2019, 2017 & 2016

2 X Victorian Champion 800m Ambulant - 2017 & 2016

3 X Geelong Athletics Inc. Female Winter Athlete of the Year

2016 Winner Colac Sportstar of the Year

2018/19 One of Four Nominees for Colac Sportstar of the Year

2018 National winner 3,000 Open Women Para at the Australian Cross Country Championships, Maleny, Queensland

2019 Silver medal in 1500m at Australian Athletics Championships in Sydney &

4th in the 400m,

4th 800m

2019 Gold medal Victorian Country Championships in Bendigo 400m Open para

Australian Record in T38 800m

Silver medal in 100m Open Para

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