About the project

KyFit is a weekly program delivered throughout the school year to young people aged 12-16, some of whom may have been identified as being vulnerable. Participant to the program have included young people who are currently in out of home care, victims of family violence, children struggling to attend school and people who identify as indigenous.

The weekly sessions will involve team building activities and physical training where police members and youth participants are actively engaged, working together and building rapport. KyFit aims to reduce crime through prevention; building positive relationships, skills and support networks. 


•    Approximately 30 young people per session. Young people from the Campaspe Shire will have increased self-awareness, confidence, self-belief, resilience and inner resources

•    Enhanced community support for the young people which fosters accountability, sense of belonging, compassionate guidance, trust and respect

•    Improved parent-child relations

•    Positive regard for and trust in police, including personal relationships built

•    Break down of barriers and misconceptions of police held by youth

•    Capacity building and up-skilling of young people for better social relations and further training opportunities increasing their positive contribution to society

•    An increase in self-confidence and self-belief leading to young people becoming involved in community by joining in sporting teams, clubs and activities

•    Established strong partnerships between local police, schools and organisations who will continue to work together in the future

•    Reported increases in school attendance and engagement whilst at school

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