About the project

The original watering system at Maffra Golf Club was installed in 1951, and at that time was second hand asbestos piping. Trees have since been planted and these tree roots are continually lifting and breaking the old pipe, this is dangerous and difficult to repair as fittings have to be made up to fit the outdated pipe.

The system is all manual and inefficient. The pump is the same age as the pipes but has been refurbished several times, it is however reaching the end of its life.

We will replace the old pipes, install new sprinkler heads, designed to water the whole course, install sensors, purchase two 15kw pumps to run in tandem and connect the system to a programmable computer which will allow us to water at night, the most efficient time, as the is minimal evaporation and maximum absorption.

To do this we need your help, and the club has partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation so that donations to this vital club project are tax deductible. Please show your support by donating today!

  • Mike Fogarty

    In appreciation of the kind assistance from the staff member at the Bar last Friday 21 May at around 3-30pm who went to the trouble of taking out a trophy from the cabinet so I could photograph it. Very much appreciated. Regards Mike Fogarty

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