About the project

Magic United aim to provide professional development and football pathways to children of all abilities. Players also need equipment to train with.

Football in Australia is often run and coached by volunteers who have no history in the game of football themselves.

Magic wish to provide an option for families that love football to be in an environment where every child is coached by a qualified coach and where every coach coaches the kids in the same pathway. Where all kids know all coaches and where all coaches know all kids and everyone is celebrated within a true football community.

This has enormous benefits for the sport. All too often in football kids feel there is no pathway for them after hitting the age of 11 or 12, if they don't make a rep team or an NPL team they are usually lost to Rugby Union, League or AFL as they have not felt any future in the sport they are playing. Younger children need to see from an early age that this pathway exists and need to be in an environment where their love of football is celebrated and they are given the skills and pathways to continue enjoying the sport into adulthood.

Please make a tax deductible donation to support Magic United FC Player Pathways! This year in particular will be difficult in terms of getting kids into sport after Covid-19.


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