About the project

MWGC is a 42 year old community owned not for profit gymnastics club.

We have been forced into closure due to the COVID - 19 Virus.

We are doing everything in our power to keep the club alive so that our 2500+ members can return as soon as possible. It's going to be tough, but we're up for the challenge. LETS RAISE THE BAR!

Huge thanks in advance to anyone who donates here!

  • Shawnee Zanker

    Hang in there guys!! Keep your spirits up Dom and Kirri :) You’ll be cartwheeling back through the door in no time!!

  • Felicia Cooper

    It's not much, but I truly believe every little bit helps.

  • Liz Robbins

    You’ll all be back soon ! Hang in there.

  • Lisha and Blake Mulqueeny

    A small gesture of huge support for the wonderful instructors and staff at the gym (Martin, Alex, Louis, Rodrigo, Mel and the many others I’m yet to personally meet). Thank you for your resilience through this time. Blake’s looking forward to being back at MAG squad, training in person with you soon. Best Lisha, Blake and Dante

  • Kelly Wvans

    We miss you all already! Eli has voiced feeling lost as its just not the training but all of the healthy, beautiful relationships. Thanks for all your support online, we hope things resume as soon as possible. Stay well everyone :)

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