About the project

Melba Tennis Club is a vital community sports Club. Our courts are regularly used at night for competitive tennis, social tennis, coaching, group functions and by the general community. Our 1970’s style court lighting is no longer adequate for our community. Bulbs are failing more frequently. They are also expensive and becoming difficult to source. Each time a bulb fails, we have the additional expense of hiring a cherry picker to be able to reach the light fitting to insert the replacement bulb. 

New LED lights will reduce costs, increase the quality of illumination, operate at full brightness immediately after being switched on AND be more energy efficient thus reducing the environmental impact. 

We are hoping to raise $20,000 to put towards the cost of upgrading our existing out-dated court lighting to modern LED lights. Good quality responsive lighting is vital for the enjoyment and safety of our players at night.

Please support our project by making a tax deductible donation now. 

Every dollar helps. Where a donor wishes, they can be acknowledged in our newsletter and/or on our Facebook page.

  • Andrew Wilson

    Night time under lights is a great time to play tennis. Conditions are still and no sunburn! Good lighting is really important for the club.

  • Nick Ilic

    Looking forward to a successful campaign and MCG-eqsque lighting!.. .followed by hard courts.... :)

  • Warren Backhouse

    a worthy project

  • Robert Pragt

    More than happy to support Melba tennis club!

  • John Sutton

    Happy to assist the Club, this is a worth while cause

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