About the project

Melville Cricket Club is replacing the current covers at Tompkins Park. Reaching out to our wider community in the hope of some support through tax deductible donations.

Recently they were damaged due to heavy winds and the age of the current covers. The existing covers are also undersized, only covering a single pitch.

Through having new larger cricket pitch covers it will allow Melville Cricket Club to adequately prepare and provide facilities that are up to date with the rest of the competition. Within the first month of this seasons WACA Premier Cricket Competition there were 6 matches abandoned across both Male & Female fixtures at Tompkins Park due to rain affected pitches.

The current cricket covers provide coverage for 1 pitch only and due to the high degree of winds we experienced and the surrounding uncovered pitches we are unable to prepare playing conditions when there is heavy amounts of rain in the lead up to a fixture. Furthermore, the current covers are coming to the end of their life with many rips and holes in the surface along with missing peg holes.

Through donations from the community of the Melville Cricket Club we hope to fundraise enough to purchase two new cricket pitch covers.

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