About the project

Middle Harbour 16 Ft Skiff Club is one of Australia's oldest sailing Clubs with nearly 115 years of history. Countless individuals have learned to sail through the Club and many have gone onto State, National, World and Olympic Championship status. As a Club we understand that sailing can be an expensive sport so we endeavour to assist our sailors whenever we can so as they are able to remain in the sport of sailing. This assistance includes providing boats for them to sail but not necessarily own. Naturally the funds required to provide these craft and the other necessary equipment can put a strain on the overall finances of the Club. As such we would like to create an over arching fundraising program with subset specific fundraising programs beneath that. Primarily we are looking to raise funds for the purchase of new sailing dinghies to enable us to introduce more youth sailors to the sport. In addition we require funds on an ongoing basis for the purchase of lifejackets and other safety equipment necessary for running races and training. The purchase of these items will allow the Club to continue to grow the sport in our community and encourage more junior and youth sailors to participate and remain in the sport thus creating a long term future for sailing as a sport. Not everyone can be an Olympic sailor but that should not prevent strong grass roots participation in the sport and that is what our Club is endeavouring to achieve as we believe this will ensure the future of sailing in Australia.


  • Phil Ramsay

    Go MH Skiffies

  • Rohan Primrose

    Hopefully we won't need it but good to have another rescue boat to pull us out of the drink when we make a mess of it.

  • Jim Peters

    Good luck! (Its a great cause)

  • Michael Vincent

    A great club!

  • Philip West

    Skiffy juniors rock.

  • Basil Lewis

    Looks like some club members have deep pockets

  • Krista Chapman

    In honor of Matthew Gunton and his family.

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