About the project

Replace Sandpiper with the Jack Stening


  • Jonathan Giddy

    For the future of sailing, the great sport that it is.

  • Brian Lees

    Contentious Team

  • Hedda Koenig

    Looking forward to the club’s reopening & seeing everybody again both on and off the water :)

  • Jenny Entwisle


  • Rob Armstrong

    Stormaway crew proudly supporting new start boat 'Jack Stening

  • Rodney Zwegers

    Fantastic to see a new start boat named after Captain Jack. It has been wonderful to be part of Jack's Stormaway crew and couldn't think of a better way to acknowledge all that he has done for this fine club!

  • Colin Gunn

    Stormaway crew proudly supporting new start boat \"Jack Stening\".

  • Heather Olsen

    Fantastic to raise funds for the Jack Stening boat. We are on Stormaway. Please note this to put us in the running for the prize!!!

  • Nina Gubinskaia

    Thank you, Jack!

  • Matthew Wilkinson

    Good luck! MHYC is a great sailing club.

  • Graham Raspass

    Love the club and keen to see the club have a secure financial future

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