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Football (soccer) is the word game. Our players benefit greatly to participate in tournaments and training events in countries with strong Soccer cultures. Our players can learn where their level is in comparison to others in the world, they also experience the uniting ability of football bringing people together despite religion, colour, wealth or culture. Unfortunately Australia is so isolated from the rest of the world and it is costly for parents to be able to give their child these opportunities as airfares are so high. This fundraising program will greatly benefit our members in achieving these experiences.
  • Mark Ross

    Go MONGO football!!!

  • Ken Leacy

    Up up and away ..... Amigos! Spain here we come!!!

  • Ken Leacy

    Might of the Mongo off to concur Spain!!! Raise their voice up singing soccer jingles to the soccer gods to persuade some Devine dinking in the goals!! Hehehe :)

  • Amanda Stanton

    A caring club, where you’ve children can enjoy their game of football.

  • Andy So

    Go Mongo !

  • Sue Calvert

    Congratulations and Good Luck Jake Leacy and Team

  • Ken Leacy

    Leacy Japan kit

  • Ken Leacy

    Leacy Japan


    Good luck Jake Go Aussie go

  • David Hollyoak

    Good luck Jake with your trip to Japan representing Mongo Football Club! Go the Aussies

  • Richard Carey

    For Jake Leacy (from the carey cousins...)

  • Richard Carey

    For Jake Leacy (Mongo Japan, go the Aussies!!!)

  • Patricia Hollyoak

    Best wishes for Jake & Ken Leacy in Osaka

  • Ken Leacy

    Japan Leacy

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