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For a number of years the Club has been introducing children to sailing using the Tackers program developed by Australian Sailing. However, in recent seasons we have seen a drop off in participation and a lack of follow through of juniors into Club activities after they have completed Tackers. There has also been the lack of parental involvement in the training, with most families dropping their children off and then returning at the end of the lesson.

Our Training and Development team have identified a new program which is aimed at addressing the problems in the Tackers courses and revitalising junior training. The Board has endorsed this initiative recognising that our junior sailors are vital for the maintenance and growth of membership numbers.

The new junior and youth sailing program is known as SLM (Structured Learning Methodology) and originates in Perth where it has been very successful. Our T&D team have consulted the founder of the program in Perth and have studied its successful introduction into a number of Clubs, including McCrae where it was introduced last summer.

This program will encourage active learning for young sailors to develop confidence and competence as they develop into resilient and independent youth on a lifelong journey of Family Friendship & Sailing

The main features of the program are:

  • By promotion to local schools we will take 10 children (aged 8-10) each month in the sailing season and provide them with 4 weeks of free sailing tuition.
  • Parents are advised that there is an expectation that if the junior enjoys the program and wishes to advance to the next level they will need to join the Club. There is also an expectation that once they have reached Level 3 of the program they will need to purchase their own boat. Experience from other clubs is that around 40-50% of juniors join.
  • Families are encouraged to be involved and support their child’s sailing journey, and during this process the parents will also be encouraged to participate in Club activities; perhaps by sailing on a Thursday night. 
  • The program takes a holistic approach to developing young sailors, following a 6-step pathway that teaches more than just skills and techniques.

To conduct this program efficiently we need to increase our fleet of plastic Opti’s by acquiring an additional six boats.  

We would appreciate any assistance that you can offer to help us implement the program that the T&D group plans to introduce. Contributions of any amount would be greatly appreciated and naming rights are available for those who donate an amount of $1,500 as an individual or through their business.  


  • Philip Featherstone

    MYC, a great Yacht Club !!

  • Greg Martin

    Happy to get on board the new SLM program

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