About the project

Sailability introduces people of all ages and abilities to the joys of sailing in a fun and inexpensive way, and in a supportive social environment. 

Many of the participants in Sailability just enjoy the freedom and fun of recreational sailing, while the more competitive strive to develop their racing skills.

Participants in Sailability are drawn from the general community, Disability Organisations, Special Developmental Schools, Adult Training Centres. People of all abilities are welcomed. Participants can include people with no disability, the elderly, perhaps with some level of physical impairment, and people with a range of physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities.

Sailability has been in operation at the Mornington Yacht Club (MYC) since 2004. The MYC program encompasses a mid-week program, as well as a Sunday program. The mid week program focuses on groups from Disability Organisations(although individuals can still be accommodated), while the Sunday program has more of a family focus, and is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Participants in both programs come from all over the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding municipalities.

Full wheel chair access is available, as are facilities to hoist participants into and out of boats. 

Participants can sail solo in a variety of specialised Hansa sailing dinghies or be accompanied by a volunteer co-sailor.


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