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After much consideration the MYC Board has made the decision to repair our Slipway to become operational again and to establish an ongoing maintenance program within our budget restraints.

The establishment of the Slipway sub-committee some 12 months ago, was to investigate and review all options and also to consider the member submissions.  70% of the 21 submissions received favoured exploration of all viable repair options. This task was completed by the sub-committee and recommendations were put to the board on 15th October 2019 and the following motion passed;

"To undertake sufficient works that will enable the slipway to become operational and maintained for safe use with feasible funding.

The design and plan for these repairs have been endorsed by a structural engineer providing the posts are free from excessive deterioration.

Works to be undertaken by a qualified contractor following a report on the condition of the posts by the diver and acceptance by engineer.

The operation of the slipway will follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of people in proximity to the slipway.

The maintenance of the slipway is a legal condition of our lease and is considered a requirement for the club to maintain its rights to that seabed section of our lease. This is to ensure any future strategy vision proposed for this area, for development by the club, is possible."

All posts have been inspected and reported on by AEG Divers and Industrial Divers and both teams have confirmed the posts that require immediate repair.

Advice has also been obtained from Bryan Clague structural engineer (retired) and diver. A MYC member from 2000 to 2016, involved in previous maintenance of slipway. His advice will be incorporated in the repair process.

The repair method has been approved by JV Consulting Engineers for the use of galvanised steel and epoxy painted beams in place of timber crossheads to avoid "Teredo Worm" attack. The cost of initial repair work estimate $10K-$12K. The estimated loss of annual revenue attributable to Slipway closure is approximately $32K.

Unfortunately large amounts of funding this year has been taken up with essential building repairs and a lift replacement which are a condition of our sub lease with the Rocks.

At the forum we held in regards to the state of the slipway a number of members pledged $1,000 to underwrite the necessary repairs. We now ask for donations of $750 in accordance with the pledges expressed at that meeting.

Please find attached a document asking members in particular keel boat owners to lodge a donation to assist in this essential work and help our club meet our slipway maintenance obligations.

Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to the MYC Foundation for this project are tax deductible and can be made by clicking on the Donate button above.


Greg Martin, Commodore


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