About the project

Mountain Bike Australia is the peak body for mountain biking in Australia. We aim to lead the development and promotion in Australia for the benefit and enjoyment of all mountain bikers.

We do this by :

1. Providing services, trail advocacy and communications of value to our members to enable them to enjoy mountain biking.

2. Promoting, developing and advocating mountain biking as a healthy sporting and recreational past-time.

3. Fostering and maintaining constructive relationships with cycling organisations and key stakeholders.

4. Providing a safe and fair environment for competitive mountain biking, appropriate and relevant to the various levels across the sport.

5. Managing and governing the organisation in a transparent, financially responsible and sustainable manner.

Mountain Bike Australia is the National Sporting organisation, representing 150 clubs, over 14,000 members and 55 private promoters throughout the country.

Our Foundation will support the development of Mountain Biking from a number of levels, by providing training to strengthen the skill base in MTB Commissaires and Coaches, it will allow us to increase opportunities for riders and participants of all abilities as well as contribute to the health and well-being of the community by providing more activities to ride your mountain bike.

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    Garigal Gorillas MTB Club

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    good luck with the volunteers program

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