About the project

Naga Spirit is an entirely self funded dragonboating club, with no external means of financial support. Our increasing success at state and national levels means we are now ready to take the next step - competing on the world stage. We desperately need essential equipment that will support our training and growth, so we can be successful internationally. Our aim is to get about 30 paddlers to compete in the 2016 DragonBoat National Championships in Adelaide and to get in the top 5 or 6 in Australia! In order to do this we need:

  • Regular opportunities for training, not just on water but also on land. DragonBoating requires a lot of power – not just in your upper body but also your legs and your core.
  • Opportunities to enter in many regattas. This will enable our members to get used to race conditions – to calm the nerves and increase experience in racing.
  • Equipment to analyse our paddling technique.
  • Air fares and accommodation whilst in Adelaide

The above requires dedication, commitment (by coaches and paddlers) and last but not least, funding. Although our fund raising efforts are numerous and successful, we subsidise memberships for those who need economic support. We provide half price memberships for students. We’ve delivered financial assistance to individual club members representing Australia in the World Championships in Canada this year. And of course we wish to continue to keep costs low for people interested in trying out the sport. With the right equipment, we are confident we will be successful in our bid. It will also ensure future Naga Spirit paddlers have these same opportunities. Your help today will help us to one day represent Australia. To continue supporting our community. And to go better.

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