About the project

Situated on one of the finest rowing courses in the world, Nepean Rowing Club has provided the community with rowing opportunities since 1928. Within the club, rowers of various age and skill levels participate in a range of programs, and all members are supported and encouraged to achieve their individual goals. As a team, we believe that working together will help us achieve this. Currently the coaching staff consists of volunteers who work under the guidance of the Rowing Coordinator to form programs and session designed to meet the needs of the members. 

Your donations will assist the Rowers and their families with travel expenses, allow the club to purchase resources such as boats, oars and maintenance equipment. Any donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. Please donate today.


  • Jeremy Whitelaw

    Wonderful club, highly recommend lovely team and great opportunity to gain new skills and have some fun on the water

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