About the project

The proposed facility development will address a number of the club's strategic objectives and build on the back of being awarded the Football Victoria Regional Club of the Year in 2019. The infrastructure at Nichols Point Recreation Reserve is extremely limited, with no adequate provision of facilities for the Soccer Club or other user groups. which severely impacts the usability and accessibility of the site. In the wider community there is the potential for more use of the reserve, from local schools, fitness groups and the broader Nichols Point/Mildura community. However, expanded use for these groups is currently not an option due to the condition of the Reserve and a lack of facilities that are able to meet demand, let alone additional club programs and activities. 

There is a significant need to improve the facilities at Nichols Point to encourage further usage and unlock the potential of the Nichols Point Soccer Club and the wider community. This project would see a projected increase of members by 30-50% and an expansion of our existing programs, reaching to broader groups of all genders and abilities through new programs such as Soccer Mums and All Abilities. 

With FV identifying women being the largest growth area within the sport and securing the 2023 Women's World Cup hosting rights, we believe coupling this with our new gender friendly facilities will increase female participation by 50-60% and keep our club at the forefront of female football development in our region.

We ask for your support and through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations of $2 or more to this campaign are tax deductible. So please donate today!

  • Cassandra Circosta

    Banjo's Mildura is a proud sponsor of the Nichols Point Soccer Club. We fully support the Nichols Point Soccer Club and the other associated clubs in building a pavilion at the Nichols Point Ovals. This will be a huge asset to the soccer club, the other clubs and the Nichols Point Community.

  • Susan Watts

    Good Luck with this, it is a good cause for the community

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