About the project

Over our 41 year history, Nordek has relied on members' backyards, un-secured sheds and exposed cages to store club equipment. With ACT Water Polo purchasing new clocks, it has been identified that there are no adequate storage spaces at pools in Canberra. With a new clubhouse, Nordek will secure a permanent residency at CISAC and will be able to store more specialised training equipment and ACT clocks. It will also provide BBQ facilities not only for members but also for future fundraising opportunities.

We recognise Water Polo as a small community sport and the clubhouse will be a representation of the strength of this community. It will be built on the land currently used by Canberra Water Polo Academy, who are kindly allowing us to share the space with them and will be chipping in for the costs. ACT Water Polo, to help look after their clocks and grow the sport in the ACT, are also intending to contribute to the cost of construction.

We are calling on members of the Water Polo community to make a donation to help fund the build. This is a great opportunity to be part of a milestone in the Club's long history and all donations, large and small, will be greatly appreciated.


    Nordek is a great club and has been a part of our family's life for the past 40 years. We have had many opportunities and experiences from being members but most of all it has been the lifelong friendships we have made a long the way. Looking forward to seeing the Club house project being completed. Rhonda & Mark Turnbull

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