About the project

The North Adelaide Football Club is affiliated with the South Australian National Football League and we have a proud history, dating back to 1888.

Like many in our community, we are struggling with the significant impact of the Coronavirus and face an uncertain future. The SANFL season has been postponed to 31 May 2020 and it appears there is no certainty beyond that date. The delayed start to the season means that our Club and all SANFL Clubs can only receive revenue which comes from our loyal, committed and dedicated supporters through the purchase of memberships and merchandise, as well as our wonderful corporate partners to whom we are extremely grateful.

Now more than ever, your club needs your support. 

You may be a long time Roosters fan, a new supporter or a parent who has children who kick the ball around Prospect Oval at half time and dream of playing our great game. This great Club touches so many and has given so much joy to decades of fans.

In addition, both of our licensed venues at Grand North & the Northern Tavern have closed due to government legislation. These are critical revenues sources which have also been turned off during these toughest of times for us all.

So, with no footy and no income, the North Adelaide Football Club needs your help

We are calling on our passionate community, supporters and all members of the NAFC football family to make a tax deductible donation to ensure we can look to the future. We are aware that many of you are hurting as well, and that a donation may not be possible at this time. We understand this, so we are appealing to those who can donate to the Club in whatever capacity you are able.

All donations, no matter the amount, will help our Club survive and keep the dream of playing for the mighty Roosters alive for our future Roosters.

Your donation through the Australian Sports Foundation is tax deductible.

  • Scott Wiltshire

    Can’t wait to see the Roosters back in action. Go you Mighty Roosters!

  • Michelle Leak

    I love North Adelaide Football Club!

  • Ian Button

    Home game number 4 = donation number 4 Hopefully we can actually get to a game or 2 before the season ends (assuming it starts up again?) NAFC4EVA

  • Robin Treloar

    Support the Club you Love !

  • Laurie Dillon

    The Roosters uplift our lives, so let's lift up the Roosters!

  • Tim Goodwin

    C'mon - It's all for One , One for all so let's all dig deep and support this great great club!

  • Duane Schmerl

    Red and white forever! 🐓 🏆

  • Andy Martin


  • Peter Haskell

    Go You Roosters!

  • Geoff Grocke

    The Club I Love.

  • Lachlan Hunter

    The mighty Roosters we're called!

  • Lance Wright

    It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies

  • Anthony Reid

    Anthony reid

  • David Mudge

    It's a great, great club

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