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The North Queensland Sports Foundation was initiated in 1983 to respond to the lack of opportunities for sportsmen and women in North Queensland. Originally the Foundation developed a multi sport event (North Queensland Games) which is still run today to give rural and remote sportspeople an opportunity to come together and compete- instead of having to go south to a capital city for competition. Nowadays the Foundation not only delivers the NQ Games but also the Great Western Games (Western Qld), NQ Sportstar Awards, bursary programs and advocacy and training opportunities to over 725,000 North Queenslanders in our communities.

The Foundation was "strapped up" to assist rural and remote communities by the State Government to deliver sports training and community sport development in 2001, adding to its suite of deliverables. The Foundation was tasked with taking Peak Sporting Bodies Development Officers into far flung communities to assist sport development and increase club participation in these communities as we were the best equipped to make these tours a positive outcome for the Department of Sport and Recreation (now NPRSR). The venture was so successful that over the years the Government increased the tours from one to eight tours which saw the tours presented to over 7000 school children in 70 schools across North Queensland.

The officers visit areas such as Doomadgee, Mount Isa, Cooktown, Mornington Island and not only present and train the school children but also assist the local clubs, development officers, pcyc's, teachers and parents to empower their communities and raise the profile and give access to training trends/ courses, governance, strapping courses, volunteer management, club management etc.

In 2013 the tours were deemed not in alignment with NPRSR strategic plans but the Peak Sporting Bodies of Queensland and ourselves believe that there is still demand for these tours. The call from the Peak Sporting Bodies was so great that they are willing to co-contribute to keep them running. To continue to do this the Foundation is aiming to raise $75,000 to continue to service these rural and remote communities to continue to bring sport into their often overlooked and underfunded regions were obesity and undesirable social trends are being seen. Sport has always been the social fabric which binds and unites these communities. Sport teaches life lessons and can be full of life long memories and can't be lost to NQ.


North Queensland Sports Foundation Limited

North Queensland Sporting Clubs Cyclone Relief Fund

raising money for natural disaster relief for sport in NQ

North Queensland Sports Foundation Limited

North Queensland Sports Foundation Regional Development

raising money for the regional development of sport in North Queensland

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