About the project

The club is carrying out a reconfiguration of its first and fourth holes. The purpose of the project is to eliminate the risk of injury to users of the neighbouring oval from stray golf balls clearing the existing safety netting and entering the oval. Stage 1 will see the existing first hole reduced from a par 4 to a par 3. A remodelled first tee and the establishment of a new first green away from the oval will result in a new par 3 that provides a permanent solution to this safety issue. Golfers will also benefit from this reconfiguration. No golfer would want to see an errant shot injure someone on the neighbouring oval, and from a golfing perspective this reconfiguration will ensure golfers do not hit their ball accidentally out of bounds. Stage II of the project will see the existing par 3 fourth hole extended to a par 4 to replace the shot lost from the reconfiguration of the first hole.


  • Paul Livingstone

    Very happy to be able to support the sport of golf at Northbridge via the Foundation.

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