About the project

“Everyone is equal – united by their love of the game”

At Northcote Junior Football Club we not only hope that is true, with our Free Kicks Football Program we are doing our bit to ensure it is true.

We are trying to raise up to $50,000 by the Australian Sports Foundation's tax deductible donations to help maintain and grow Free Kicks over the next 3 years - to give every kid a chance to play footy and help ensure a sense of belonging for everyone and all communities in the area.

After three years we are hopeful to have other sources of funding, such as sponsorship and grants.

Free Kicks provides free footy to children from disadvantaged areas providing training, emotional support and being part of a team that represents the Cougars!

The support includes:

Free Club Membership and League Registration

Free Kit and Uniforms

Transport to training and matches from pick up points

A Breakfast Club for participants in the program

Access to counselling and signposting to other available support

Most importantly though we welcome kids into the club that would not be able to play without Free Kicks and it helps enhance community harmony.

In the first two years we have grown the scheme from 8 kids in year 1 to 35. We are planning to increase it further over the next two years. With your donations we can!

We need to get our own transport instead of borrowing or hiring a mini-bus, purchase more kits and uniforms, cover annual league registrations, provide training for our volunteers plus fund access to counselling support, breakfast club coaching and for associated community events. For more information about Free Kicks click here and watch the video below.

A bit about the Cougars.... Northcote Junior Football Club, runs boy’s and girl’s teams plus has a growing community and Auskick program. We provide opportunities for as many local kids to participate in football as possible. In 2018 we have over 300 members and over 200 in our AusKick program. We are fielding 10 mixed teams and 4 all-girls teams. 

Your tax deductible donation via this page can help us achieve that. Every contribution will help us increase the support we can give vie FREE KICKS!!


  • Nicole Cook

    Think the FreeKicks program is a great initiative by the Northcote Cougars and deserves to be well supported by the community.

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