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In 2011, NDGC need to either find another facility to accommodate the clubs growth ( membership at that time was over 1100 ) or expand into a vacant unit behind us. Working with the actual landlord, an agreement was attained to push through the wall dividing the 2 unit and effectively make it one large facility. Our main objective was to have this area to accommodate our National and International development squads, enabling the front part of the gym then to maximise space for the classes in our ever growing educational programs. Air-conditioning was already in place for the existing part, however the equipment needed to facilitate the expansion was more expensive than anticipated and we were not able to air condition the expansion. Over the past 3 years, the growth in our membership is now over 1300 members, and growth within the National and international levels is a big part of that growth. We have gone without the air-conditioning long enough. Our weather is changing and getting warmer, the tin roof unit is becoming an unbearably hot in summer and not a good environment for our elite gymnasts to train in, there fore this does not allowing them to train to full potential when we have to cancel training when it get too hot. The air-conditioning needs to be put in. The costs for a factory unit air-conditioning to facilitate the heat in summer and the cold in winter is costly.
The benefits of this to our club means we can train all year round in the climatically controlled the temperature and allow some of WA most elite kids to train and for fil the required hours to become the best they can.


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