About the project

The Northern Tasmanian Alpine Club (NTAC) has been active on Ben Lomond since 1928, and now has the honour of being the oldest Club on the mountain. The Club was formed to support summer and winter recreational activities for the members, and to this day continues to be a place for members and their guests to meet and enjoy the company of friends both old and new. The Club comprises singles, couples and families who all enjoy the many outdoor activities the mountain has to offer, or simply enjoy getting away for short breaks. The NTAC provides a fantastic community environment for anyone interested in skiing, hiking, the outdoors or just enjoying some time away from home. The club runs entirely on the labour and love of volunteers, and is always looking for new faces. We are a collection of people ranging from over 60 years tenure with the club to just months, from decades skiing on the mountain to those waiting in anticipation for their first adventure on the snow.


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