About the project

The Northern Tasmanian Alpine Club holds a very unique position on the mountain; we are able to see across the front and back slopes. This year we trialled some webcams that were used for not only our club but for the wider public through our close association with the Ben Lomond Committee. Our goal is to increase participation for our various snow sport disciplines (Downhill, X-Country, Snowboarding and Tobagganing) by having two dedicated cameras mounted in permanent positions on our lodge. This will have a huge flow on effect for the mountain whereby people can view that morning and make a decision on whether or not to make the journey to the mountain. Traditionally, people have been put off as it was a little bit of a "punt" as the only reports were that by word of mouth. This initiative allows tourists, as well as avid skiers, to make up their own mind, as well as encourage others to try one of the various snow disciplines. Additionally, local schools will be able to make a decision early on in the day whether they will continue with their outdoor education programs or not. Lastly, as we have the best views on the mountain, we can provide much needed security for stakeholders on the mountain (private lodges, businesses and PWS assets). We have some live pictures on our website that are streamed using existing cameras the club is currently trialing. Please support this important initiative by making a tax deductible donation today!


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