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Our History

NSW Lacrosse in its current form has been around since 1990. This is relatively young considering other states have been around for 100 years longer!

Currently we are growing. Based in Sydney our members are on the increase and we are looking to expand to the west and south of Sydney soon. We also have small contingent of players based in Newcastle.

We are run by an amazing team of 6 volunteers who put their life and soul into making sure there is lacrosse in NSW. As a developing sport in NSW, most of the cash generated and volunteer time goes into the development of the game and getting more and more people playing. This means that there is little left to help out in the further development of players who are at that High Performance level.

We don't have the legacy that other states do to be able to support the growth in the way that they do - at the moment!


The national championships are held in June each year in either Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth. Strong holds of Australian Lacrosse. This means that our High Performance (HP) athletes have to travel every year. And that is expensive!

Costs involved are accommodation, flights, meals, uniforms, on ground transport, tournament fee, share of officials fees, selection weekend and much more.

Due to the high cost, this prevents some of our best players from taking part as its just not feasible for them. Its a national championship - we want our best players to be able to represent NSW.

Any money raised will be deducted from the team costs and so shared equally between all players selected to represent NSW.

Because lacrosse is still in its infancy in NSW, these type of tournaments are currently the only chance that our HP players get to play competitive lacrosse. Let's help support them in doing what they love so that they can then return that support and help grow the game here.

  • Linda Roylance

    Lacrosse has a long standing history in Sydney. To all the players and administrators, continue your great work developing the game in NSW.

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