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In April 2018 the OMFC is scheduled to move into new premises at a redeveloped Elsternwick Park. This follows a landmark agreement between the State government, Bayside Council, VAFA and the OMFC that will offer the OMFC a lifetime tenancy at Elsternwick Park that will become its home ground.

The redevelopment will involve the construction of a new pavilion, improved lighting and landscaping and a rejuvenated oval that promises to offer the best playing surface in amateur football.

The OMFC will share this facility with the VAFA and Elsternwick Cricket Club.

The new pavilion will provide meeting and administrative spaces for the VAFA, OMFC and Elsternwick Cricket Club. Plus there will be space for a gym, vastly improved entertaining and social spaces, space to display the Club's logo, Honour Boards, trophies and some memorabilia. 

The new pavilion will be the home of the OMFC; our first home in more than twenty years.

The cost of the redevelopment is $6.5m. The State government is providing $3m, VAFA and Bayside Council about $1.25m each, the AFL $600K.

The OMFC has to contribute $300k, a modest contribution considering the scale of this redevelopment and the benefits for the Club.

This major redevelopment heralds an exciting era for the OMFC and it will assist us to become a club of choice and help underwrite a successful future.

Please consider making a gift you are proud of and support the future of the OMFC and its players. Every donor will be thanked and acknowledged.

Your donation goes via the Australian Sports Foundation thus ensuring it is tax deductible.

The aim is to raise $500k; the extra funds will be invested in the Dark Blue Foundation and the investment income will support the annual running costs of the Club.



  • Old Melburnians Football Club

    DARK BLUE FOUNDATION: Raising funds for the development of the Old Melburnians Football Club, including coaching and skills/health improvement programs, fitness equipment acquisitions and other capital costs of the Club

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