About the project

The Old Xaverians Football Club is one of the largest and most successful community football clubs in Australia.


Our donors and members have made a real difference to the welfare of our club each and every year over a long period of time. 


The sources of our income are derived from four main areas, each of which was understandably down in 2020: 

  • corporate partnerships 
  • player subscriptions 
  • events and fundraisers
  • donations and memberships


When revenues from each of these is strong, our budget enables us to:

  • maximise our participation (every study shows that young people who play team sport make better citizens), and
  • maximise our success (we want to give all of our teams the very best opportunity to win premierships - and give every individual player the chance to be their very best.)


As a donor to the Old Xavs through the Australian Sports Foundation, you can choose your level of support. You can give an amount that suits your budget – smaller, larger or in-between the suggested tiers listed.


You can make a one-time donation or you can set up a monthly debit.


Giving through the Australian Sports Foundation has advantages for you:

  • ‍there is full tax-deductibility, as well as 
  • the option to pay monthly by direct debit


Thanks for your support of the greatest football club in Australia. (It is that because of those who support us so generously.)


  • Louis Tiernan

    Go Xavs

  • Mark Gibson

    Go Xavs

  • John Bowen

    J&E Bowen

  • Alan Johnston

    Loyalty membership Old Xaverians Football Club

  • Andrew Brushfield

    Andrew and Robbie Brushfield

  • Phil Prowse

    Go Xavs!

  • Damo Ryan

    Up the Xavs!

  • Terry Rogers

    Loyalty Membership 2021

  • Renato Serafini

    Go Xavs! Back on top in 2021!

  • James Dynon

    James Dynon and Family

  • James Lowe

    James & Jane Lowe

  • Greg Valles

    Wonderful club Old Xav's - Proud to be sponsor\\donor\\Member Greg Valles Managing Director Valles Accountants Pty Ltd

  • Michael Ryan

    Family Membership (Marg and Michael Ryan)

  • Don Pasquariello

    Wishing the Old Xavs Football Club a very successful 2021 season !!

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