About the project

The Old Xaverians Football Club is one of the largest and most successful community football clubs in Australia.

With seven Men's and three Women's teams, the expenses incurred by the club are rising each year. These include the costs of coaching, uniforms, equipment and administration, with only a small percentage covered by the subscriptions paid by our players.

All money raised through this Development Fund will assist the Old Xaverians Football Club in:

  • meeting the costs incurred by our club,
  • funding the renovation of the Toorak Park facility,
  • developing further programs for the greater wellbeing of our players, and
  • extending our community outreach.

Through the club's fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to the Old Xaverians Football Club Development Fund are tax deductible.

Please show your support by donating today!

  • Andrew Rogers

    Bring on 2021

  • andrew quin

    good luck old xavs footy 2021

  • Florian Greene

    Bigga n betta 2021 Go Xavs

  • Nick West

    Keep the season alive in 2020 (if you can)

  • John Tiernan

    Cadence Accountants & Advisors

  • Alan Johnston

    Go Xavs

  • Ciaran Nolan

    Go Xavs

  • Paul OLeary

    Go Xavs

  • Graeme Allan

    Go Xavs !

  • Tim Meehan

    Family Membership 2020 Season

  • Nick Smith

    Through times of desperate hardship we realise just how much a common bond of long lasting mate ship and deep etched memories strengthens your resolve to survive, succeed and savour every moment - we, as a collective group, will beat this hideous disease. Go Xavs. Smitta

  • Mark Gibson

    Doing a great job in an extraordinary time

  • Michael Lefebvre

    Go Xavs in 2020!

  • John Macmillan

    Go Xavs

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