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OneWave is a non-profit surf community tackling mental health challenges with a simple recipe...saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro. What started in Bondi Beach in Australia in 2013 has now spread to more than 100 beaches in over 20 countries, through Onewave's Fluro Friday events. This has given 10,000+ people the chance to openly talk about mental health and experience how good it feels to get in the ocean and catch a wave.


Suicide is the biggest killer of young people. More young people are taking their own lives than dying in car accidents and the numbers are going up. 

We need your help, because together we can save more lives. 


Surfing has been proven to help people facing mental health challenges. Research studies have shown that surfers experience less anxiety and depression than the average population (Levin, 2009), and surfing enhances mental health capacities of elite athletes (Hardcastle et al. 2015). In addition, surfing interventions have been found to increase body image, self-compassion, and self-esteem, and decrease depression and alienation (Rosenberg et al. 2014), and provide a sense of respite from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD: Caddick, Smith, and Phoenix, 2014).


OneWave is a non-profit surf community and donations to OneWave are tax deductible under the auspices of the Australian Sports Foundation. ​Australian Sports Foundation transfer the donations made here to OneWave. 100% of the proceeds from donations go toward projects and operational running costs of 'OneWave' to tackle mental health issues with a simple recipe...saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro.

Whether it is a $10, $20 or $100 donation every little bit counts and together we can help give more people the chance to turn their life around.

Here is some of the key things your donations will help fund:

  • $75 provides a free surf lesson for someone going through a funk
  • $250 provides a new foamy surfboard to be used by the OneWave community at Fluro Friday's who don't own a board
  • $500 provides one Free the Funk School Experience which will directly impact 500+ students
  • $1000 helps us set up a new Fluro Friday community. This covers a board, wetsuit, training and fluro gear.

Thank you for being part of the OneWave community and your awesome support!

  • Ted Shelton

    Thank you for bringing so much awareness to something so important and for the ongoing partnership! Keep up the great work, excited for everything to come. Everyone at Waverley Rugby Club

  • Hakan Bilal

    Undercover Roasters are donating $1 from every kg of coffee sold online each month to help OneWave continue their amazing work! In the month of April we sold 16kg of coffee online. Looking forward to next months donation :)

  • Alex Ippolito

    Here's our contribution to support this great cause!

  • Paul Parks

    Thanks Guys, Keep doing what you're doing. One wave is all it takes.

  • Marijke Timmers

    Love your work team. #givingtuesday xxx

  • Ben Cryan

    Legends. You are doing amazing things helping a lot of people. Thanks for your efforts 🙏

  • Ed Elias


  • Philip Roy

    School programs are such an awesome initiative!

  • Arielle Nakache

    Barbarella Productions & Community LOVE for One Wave Is All It Takes - supporting the legends with mental health education at Bondi Beach Public School.

  • Jaime Robles

    True heroes, saving lives every day. Thanks for doing such a great work, fluro Fridays have no doubt changed things for better for many. Thanks!

  • phil Corcoran

    We love what you are doing and hope me chopping off my dead locks help spread the word off what you are about.

  • Jonno Durrant

    This donation is on behalf of my mum Sue Ainger who ask for a donation to a good cause for her birthday. Happy Birthday Mummo!

  • Philip Corcoran

    Love what you are doing.

  • Keala Kennelly

    A Rare donation, on behalf of Keala Kennelly and Mariah White!

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